Mt. Rushmore

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This month’s journey takes us to Mt. Rushmore, quite possibly the least significant and most disappointing American National Monument/Park. There’s a display case at the park with a timeline of major events at Mt. Rushmore. Perhaps the greatest event in the park’s history occurred in the late 1990’s when MTV’s reality show Road Rules visited.


Pollard drags Billy to his high school reunion, sees his ex, and is embarrassed by an old nemesis, forcing him to consider drastic recourse. Just as he is preparing to make good on his plans, he is temporarily Shanghai’d by the Unspeakable God-Hand, causing him great personal discomfort and shame.

The Audition


This episode features: * A racist lamb playing instrumental jazz * A hyperactive bronze bear playing a boiling tea kettle * A toad with an odd name who has lost her way, but knows a great chili recipe

Mr. Monotony


Disseminating Doctrine #3 with a note from Mr. Monotony suggesting that your life may not be in your hands, but rather tossed up to the Four Strong Winds, or something eerily similar.

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