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“Given that this trio of editors has chosen to give themselves the name “Wreck & Salvage,” it’s not surprising to find their body of work repeatedly raising the question of how we get value out of all the video footage that floods our lives. The sources W&S draw from are as varied as the internet: corporate news and commercials, internet memes, ephemeral daytime television, propaganda, archive footage, and plenty of amateur video, be it from youtube kids or soldiers serving in Iraq… W&S edits all this footage to look for ways to make it useful, either politically, socially, artistically, or all of the above.

All three members of W&S are comfortable with nearly any digital editing technique you could think of. But perhaps their most important contribution to online remixing is what they’ve accomplished with “farming” for footage. Some of their most powerful remixes are made up of extensively researched footage collections organized around various themes or subject matter… These exploratory remixes take the impulses of obsessive video-bin hunters and combine them with a movie editor’s insight to sculpt raw footage into rich, rewarding videos. These guys advertise themselves as Wreckers and Salvagers, and they make good on that promise.”

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Adam Quirkquirk@wreckandsalvage.com
Aaron Valdezvaldez@wreckandsalvage.com
Erik Nelsonnelson@wreckandsalvage.com


an unextinguishable tire fire, except in video.
40 rabbits on Nyquil who all think they can sing Country Road.
shaking a bag of cat treats in the street.
finding a dollar in your mom’s jeans.
burning your tongue on your favorite after-school snack
burning a DVD of the 1st season of Highway to Heaven for a friend you want to impress
replacing your feet with self-inking rubber stamps; left foot a swastika, right foot a penis.
a Swiss Army knife vibrator.
filling your butt crack in with joint compound.
paying for postage.
an expired bottle of eye drops that you only use after you get high and have to talk to parents.
a Slavic organist who plays Pearl Jam cover songs at a bed and breakfast.
cutting your finger off with a tv remote.
a species of wild hog that eats only finance industry business cards.
a half-full bag of spit.
a football player who can travel through time.


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