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Slaggits! The W&S Currency.

New Wreck & Salvage Postal Art Project.
We’ve designed our own currency!

To get your Slaggits, just mail 3 pieces of paper (3 drawings, 3 photographs, 3 prints, 3 paintings, or 3 forms of USD paper currency, or any other currency) to this address:

Wreck & Salvage
P.O. Box 745
Waterbury, VT 05676

And we’ll mail you your Slaggits right away. You cannot get W&S currency digitally. You have to mail something physical, and walk to a mail box or post office.

Come get you some!

Shirts Get Dirty

Quicktime | Windows

Shirts get dirty, get a new one at

I grew my beard out for this one, shaved a patch of arm hair in the shape of a watch, and took a 9hr train ride up to Burlington to shoot this with Nelson. It was originally a client video, but they passed on it. Fools.

We don’t put ads on our videos. The dream is to do this shit all the time. Support us by buying a shirt or something (we get about $5) and maybe one day we can make that happen.

Support your local video artists!

Julia Fucking Allison

Quicktime | Windows

Julia Fucking Allison enters the Wreck & Salvage Chop Shop.

We’re producing a live video show for the Nternet (that’s you) called Tricorn. Our first show is on Monday, February 2nd at 8pm EST, and every subsequent first Monday of the month.

The show will consist of live video remixing, live videofeeds of the three of us answering audience questions while wearing tricorner hats, and a lot of new original stuff.

Nancy Pelosi Techno Chicken

Quicktime | Windows | Cellphone

The 2008 Democratic National Convention turned into a Rave on Monday with Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, leading the way with her Techno Chicken dance!

This video was start to finish in about 3 hours. Wreck and Salvage is helping Remix America cover the Democratic National Convention by providing up-to-date speed remixes of some of the shit going down.

The Metamorphosis


I made this in August 2007 for the show Rocketboom. It’s an adaptation of the short story The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. My robots now sit in a glass specimen case on my dresser. Watching me sleep. Judging me. Plotting.


Pollard drags Billy to his high school reunion, sees his ex, and is embarrassed by an old nemesis, forcing him to consider drastic recourse. Just as he is preparing to make good on his plans, he is temporarily Shanghai’d by the Unspeakable God-Hand, causing him great personal discomfort and shame.

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