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Slaggits! The W&S Currency.

New Wreck & Salvage Postal Art Project.
We’ve designed our own currency!

To get your Slaggits, just mail 3 pieces of paper (3 drawings, 3 photographs, 3 prints, 3 paintings, or 3 forms of USD paper currency, or any other currency) to this address:

Wreck & Salvage
P.O. Box 745
Waterbury, VT 05676

And we’ll mail you your Slaggits right away. You cannot get W&S currency digitally. You have to mail something physical, and walk to a mail box or post office.

Come get you some!

One Percent

A lost reel of Kodachrome Super 8 from an abandoned project six or seven years ago. Living in Iowa, fascinated by litter along the highway. Little cultural artifacts.


Proof of Progress 006. Detroit. Fall hike. Grand River. Snowstorms. Detroit Airport. Animals back home. Maintenance. NYC. Air Zoo.

Wrecking Crew

Some footage from one of the days when the stars aligned and all three Wreck & Salvage employees were in the same physical location. This video features Jay Dedman as “Nail Puller”. Music is 1812 for 1996 by Kevin Bewersdorf.

Plaza de Toros

After witnessing a bullfight firsthand, I have no desire to see it again. I have no problem with killing animals for food, but torturing them does nothing for me.

Here is a brief history of Spanish bullfighting, as written by a matador.
He mentions that it is more of a dance than a sport, and the beauty lies in the dexterity and gracefulness of the matador as he dodges the charging bull. I could see that aspect, but I couldn’t silence the more immediate instinct to put a suffering animal out of its misery. Regardless of grace, he is still out there toying with a seriously injured animal for entertainment.

As my Dad said while we were watching it, “If I had my pistol I’d run out there and shoot him in the head.” I wasn’t sure which one he was talking about.

Music is Vicera Eyes by The Mars Volta


Here is a series of leftover macro clips from a project I’m working on. Sound is “Mai” from the Drummers of the Societe Absolument Guinin. All filmed inside of the amazing RePop NY


Life under a very busy skyway. Jets and birds fly overhead all day long. This video combines these two flying objects with a dash of Tom Ze.

The Value of Butter

This was before I bought stop motion software, when I was recording each stop for 1 second of video. I’d collect it in 1 second live shots, and change the speed in FCP. It’s a very primitive, yet effective animation technique. The song is an original from one of the crew, Adam Quirk, who now lives in Brooklyn.

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