Slaggits! The W&S Currency.

New Wreck & Salvage Postal Art Project.
We’ve designed our own currency!

To get your Slaggits, just mail 3 pieces of paper (3 drawings, 3 photographs, 3 prints, 3 paintings, or 3 forms of USD paper currency, or any other currency) to this address:

Wreck & Salvage
P.O. Box 745
Waterbury, VT 05676

And we’ll mail you your Slaggits right away. You cannot get W&S currency digitally. You have to mail something physical, and walk to a mail box or post office.

Come get you some!


After working on creating the A-bomb at Los Alamos Richard Feynman said this:

“I returned to civilization shortly after that and went to Cornell to teach, and my first impression was a very strange one. I can’t understand it any more, but I felt very strongly then. I sat in a restaurant in New York, for example, and I looked out at the buildings and I began to think, you know, about how much the radius of the Hiroshima bomb damage was and so forth… How far from here was 34th street?… All those buildings, all smashed — and so on. And I would see people building a bridge, or they’d be making a new road, and I thought, they’re crazy, they just don’t understand, they don’t understand. Why are they making new things? It’s so useless. But, fortunately, it’s been useless for almost forty years now, hasn’t it? So I’ve been wrong about it being useless making bridges and I’m glad those other people had the sense to go ahead.”

The A-bomb has had a huge impact on everything I’ve ever created, from a doodle, to the house I’m still building, to the creation of SUPPENDAPO, to my kids, to the creation of this video, they’ve all been me standing up straight with both my hands high in the air, middle fingers extended, giving the double bird to all Weapons of Mass Destruction. Fuck that shit.


(1988) Big George Kennedy in a jumpsuit trains an elite special forces team of Harris (Jorge Rivero), Ballard (Isaac Hayes), Flyboy (Kevin Sutherland) and Nash (Andrew Stevens) to defend exiled democratic Middle Eastern leader Kassar (Louis Jourdan) and his family against the terrorist attacks of The Dictator (Robert Forster). Also with Hugo Stiglitz as the Iron Maiden shirt-wearing assassin The Blond.

Laser Mission

Borgnine IS The Laser Master! Mercenary and CIA freelancer Gold (Brandon Lee) is sent to rescue Dr. Braun (Borgnine) and his know-how of constructing nuclear weapons from precious diamonds from evil Russian/Latin American/African commandoes with the help of Braun’s buxom, VW van driving daughter. Brought to you in beautiful thrift store VHS.



I changed my tires this morning, and stopped in at a local breakfast place to get a bacon, egg,and cheese sandwich, and I saw the news on the morning show, and I can’t quite explain how it felt. The experience didn’t seem real, and my initial reaction was that nothing you see on the screen is real. I wanted to make a quick video attempting to capture this feeling. Now I’m not saying it’s the same thing, but the people who founded the US were considered terrorists by England…and the United States is responsible for creating both Sadam and Osama, so when the U.S celebrates the killing of these men (however much they may have deserved it), it leaves a caustic taste in my mouth. Celebrating an eye for an eye, or a murder, just does not sit right. That Vengeance cover of New York Newspaper is a good example. It disgusts me. And at the same time, I think, do I really feel this way?

1 minute for 2 names that will be forever linked in the history books.

Sid Caesar – Shape Up!

We follow Sid as he slowly sheds his clothes during the course of his Cape Fear-like prison workout. He does dips and curls using chairs, push-ups against walls and dressers, abdominal work on pillows, and pull-ups with his trusty bar. His form on these exercises is terrible and their effectiveness questionable, by the end of the tape he’s down to performing pelvic thrusts against a doorjam in his blue bikini briefs and tube socks because he thinks it may be good for the prostate. It’s anyone’s guess how he got into such great shape doing this routine over the years.

One Percent

A lost reel of Kodachrome Super 8 from an abandoned project six or seven years ago. Living in Iowa, fascinated by litter along the highway. Little cultural artifacts.

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