• hey, you guys are going viral on this one! congrats!! about f’ing time.

  • If only it had been their idea!

    Kevin K’s went viral, too. It made CNN—-in August of 09.

  • Nice one, you should check this out though: http://languageremoval.com/

  • We’re not in the business of stealing ideas just video. It’s safe to say artists are capable of forming similar ideas independently, especially in a form of art that deals with recycling image and sound. It’s happened to us before, it’ll happen again. All we can do is tip our hat to Kevin K.

    — Aaron Valdez, Wreck and Salvage

  • Also, we made a “breath” video several months before Kevin posted his, called Brimley’s Breath:

    – Adam Quirk, Wreck & Salvage

  • You and all the other pathetic snot-nosed little pukes like
    yourself are so twisted with hate toward Sara Palin that you’re
    blind…Go ahead, pat yourself on the back for this piece of shit,
    but what’s it doing for you? Hate her all you want, it doesn’t
    change the fact that you and you’re Progressive philosophy are vile
    and pathetic. Heartfelt and impassioned as it may be, the problem
    with your twisted little /Progressive mindset is that it is always
    conveniently abstract-a mere slogan. The true Progressive lives
    their life believing their good intentions justify their often
    venomous hatreds and reckless means. They NEVER look back or take
    responsibility for their historically horrific track record. The
    average progressive lives a teenage existence-railing against the
    parent-the very things that allow that existence; prosperity
    cultivated and kept by the center/right conservative foundation of
    our country…the Sara Palins if you will…The truth is, to be a
    Progressive puke like yourself is to be a parasite. Think of it
    this way, if everything goes your way, one day you’ll wake up,
    living in a third world, Chavez style dictatorship, with nothing
    but distrust, hate, and ruin as far as the eye can see. God Bless
    you, and God bless the country we once called the United States of
    America. Spare us all and jump off a bridge.

  • Wow, that was, and you guys

  • I don’t know about you guys, but this kinda hot. GROWL!

  • jethro is fucking retarded aswell as palin, who gives a
    fuck this is funny. Palin never says the right thing. plus u.s is
    one of not if the most hated country in the world so shut the fuck
    up these guys r having fun

  • Jethro – Your response took the words right out of my
    mouth! Do these people have nothing more to do with their lives?
    Response not necessary – we adults already know the

  • I came so hard watching this. It was awesome.
    PS, this was also done like 5 years ago, there were tons of them on the net. The only reason this is making headlines is because you bleeped out God.
    its unoriginal..

  • Sarah Palin is the shrewest business woman since Oprah, she
    quit her meaningless job witha paltry salary as governor of Alaska
    to give high paid advice to a bunch of tea party and many others
    for big money, they paid her exorbitant fees just to kiss her ass,
    she is no longer a struggling grandmother and mother of a large
    brood, everyday she gets richer and richer, smart gal Sarah, keep
    taking their money, you will soon be a Billionaire like the rest of
    the tea partiers.

  • Governor of a U.S. state a meaningless job? What are you, King of the Universe?

  • p.s. how do you like your mom’s basement?

  • I agree with Jethro …I cannot even begin to understand the hatred that swirls in the progressive’s heads. The hatred has been heating up recently, and for some reason these ppl have been violently hatefully vocal, blaming conservatives for the recent violence in Tuscon. I don’t even see the connection; the guy is obviously very disturbed. I guess I don’t understand because having Jesus in my life makes me see clearly (wisdom) and without hatred. God help us all, I’m just waiting for true justice to come.

  • I’m not convinced of the newsworthiness of this video. It’s just another poke at someone’s character.

    Nordic women – especially around Oslo – have a gasp in their vocabulary. The first time I heard it, I thought the woman needed to sit down but then realised it was a cultural habit when another woman came up and repeated the noise.

    Here Palin breathes in with a lip smack – does this make her a terrible person or instead just a person with habits you can’t stand because you don’t like her?

    I’d really love to see people start paying more attention to the message and the issues instead of the messenger. There are plenty things we can all criticize, but it is really worth our time.?

    and…hopefully you’ll read this opposing comment as healthy and useful and not as a ‘gotcha’ or ‘touche’ remark.

    Sincerely .

  • I love how the ignorant tea party neanderthals like Jethro throw around the word “progressive” like its somehow dirty. Look it up in the dictionary you buffoon. Like so many in politics (dem, rep and tea party) Palin is just an actress, well paid to stand up in front of the cameras and spew whatever she’s told by wealthy interests. It was an experiment started successfully with Regan that has now gone wild with every party fronting “faces” who are just paid spokespeople for big business. You guys who are throwing hate towards “progressives” or “conservatives” are just suckers playing into the hands of the power brokers. The Useful Idiots that the power elite refer to. If we don’t hate each other, we might just look around and realize how messed up this country has become and then maybe we would elect somebody that truly deserves our trust. As for the video, if it was Palin, the Pope, Obama or Billy Graham it would still be funny. Nice job.

  • haha ..w.. haha

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